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Maroon Shawl, Shapely Tank, Bunny! - KarenByKnit
March 22nd, 2005
01:29 pm


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Maroon Shawl, Shapely Tank, Bunny!
Most of my knitting energy for the last month has been focused on a shawl out of maroon mohair/wool/nylon blend. It has pockets and follows a pretty easy pattern. It's knit up one side and down the other, starting with 50 stitches and increasing to 100 before decreasing again. It's stockinette with a 6-stitch garter border to keep it from rolling. I'm back down to around 65 stitches wide after increasing, and then there's about 30 rows of 50-stitches wide on the other side. Plus the pocket.

I picked up the pattern as a leaflet from Stitches West. It's a nice enough pattern, but if I do it again, I'll make some changes, I think. For one thing, the increases and decreases are every right side row, with no pause between the last increase and the first decrease. This makes the fabric kind of bowl-shaped in the middle back, while the rest of it lies flat. It needs a short row here and there to create some ease, I think.

I'm quite anxious to finish it up and start a shapely tank for myself. It's taken a while to figure out what to do about yarn for it, but I realized recently: I have a grey sweater I bought to take apart (not the one you like so much, Sarah, one of the other two). It is cotton/rayon, and is beautiful yarn knit into an ugly sweater. It's also a couple of sizes too small for me, but it has very long sleeves, so there should be enough yarn. I can't wait to rip it apart and wash and hang the yarn. Hooray!

Meanwhile, I'm knitting a square in hopes of making it into a bunny for a friend's baby shower. Whee!

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