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Knitting in the Dark - KarenByKnit
December 21st, 2004
05:56 pm


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Knitting in the Dark
I've reached a strange milestone in my knitting existence: I finished a scarf that was knitted primarily in the dark. I cast on just before we went to see The Incredibles, knitted the entire time I watched the movie. I knitted while riding in cars quite a bit, and then did another major chunk while watching kineticphoenix perform in The Princess Bride.

It's nothing challenging, of course. It's a 2x2 rib made with Angel Hair, a sadly now-discontinued really soft yarn from Joann Fabrics. It's a trendy narrow scarf, only 14 stitches wide on size 11 needles, 12 stitches of rib and a border stitch on each side. I'm doing the border stitches by slipping the last stitch of each row purl-wise, then knitting the first stitch of each row. Quite nifty.

Of course, I made mistakes. I think about 9 total. But dropping columns of ribbing to fix mistakes is terribly easy. Knitting is basically sideways single crochet. I made 6 mistakes in one row early on in The Princess Bride, by getting off a stitch on my ribbing. By the time I noticed, they were more than a foot back in the scarf, but fixing them took only about 15 minutes all told... much faster than ripping it out and re-knitting.

The scarf, once finished, served as a fabulous gifty for someone I was having trouble figuring out a christmas gift for. It's so lovely, I wanted to keep it, so I hope she likes it. :-)

This all worked so well, I think I'm going to always keep a scarf-in-progress around for knitting in dark rooms and giving to people as gifts. I'm so glad they're trendy at the moment, especially when knit in really soft or really funky yarns.

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